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Walter McIntyre has spent 36 years in the business world, holding positions from apprentice to executive and board positions. Throughout that time he has worked in both the manufacturing and transactional sides of business operation.

 Walter McIntyre has worked in the construction and operation of an electric generation station, HVAC system manufacturing, warehouse & distribution systems, training of store managers, sales management, ecommerce, product development, service delivery, P&L management, project management, operational excellence, Six Sigma, CI, and 5-S.


Walter McIntyre has specific skills in operational excellence, continuous improvement, 5-S, Quality and innovation.  These skills are backed up with 2 business starts, a patent in automotive tech, and a published book.


Walter McIntyre earned a BA Degree in Chemistry from Greenville College, Greenville, in IL, in 1979. He earned a MS Degree in Engineering Management from the University of South Florida, in Tampa, FL, in 1995. He has certifications in Six Sigma Black Belt(Six Sigma Qualtec), Six Sigma Master Trainer(Home Depot), Project Management(Motorola University), Design for Manufacturability(Motorola University), and Reliability Centered Maintenance(American Management Association).


Walter McIntyre believes that sharing what we have learned and helping others is how success can be built into our lives.  We all stand on the shoulders of others before us. His hobbies are running, playing basketball, playing guitar, writing and spoiling the grandkids.


Walter McIntyre is the son of factory workers in the state of Illinois.  This formed much of his belief in hard work and being versatile. His father use to tell him to never let anyone out work you and never let any request for help go unanswered. This forms the basis of his leadership approach.



Motto: Have fun learning, have fun doing, have fun sharing. Connect with me and let's have a conversation. Visit my website and leave a good comment.  Your opinion is valuable to me.

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Running, basketball, guitar, teaching, reading, writing, learning and spoiling the grandkids.